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About Flex Electric

Flex Electric is Scotland's only dedicated Electric Vehicle dealership, specializing in the sales of practical and affordable electric mopeds and Electric Motorbikes. Our mission is to make our cities greener and change the way people think about urban transport. We achieve this by educating customers on the benefits of electric urban transport and showcasing the very best of Urban Electric mobility in our luxury showroom in Edinburgh.

As Scotland's first dedicated electric vehicle dealership, we have partnered with some of the world's leading electric vehicle manufacturers to bring something fresh and exciting to Scotland's emerging Electric Transport market. Our showroom offers a retail experience like no other, where smart electric mopeds and motorcycles are properly showcased, and customer retail experience and after-sales support is at the forefront of everything we do.

Compared to other European cities, the UK's moped market has been slower to develop. However, it has recently seen a 30% increase in sales over the last year as people become more aware of the benefits of electric urban transport. At Flex Electric, we want to change the traditional view of mopeds, which are often hidden away in the corner of motorcycle dealerships.

Our electric mopeds and motorcycles are sourced from top manufacturers, ensuring the highest quality and performance. Our range includes models from leading brands such as NIU, Horwin, Segway and Artisan. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of electric mopeds and motorcycles, and our team of experts is always on hand to answer any questions and provide the best possible advice.

At Flex Electric, we are passionate about electric urban transport and the benefits it brings to our cities. Join us in making Scotland greener and choose an electric moped or motorcycle as your mode of transportation today.

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