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Flex Business Leasing

Whether you're a Self-Employed Delivery rider, Takeaway, Restaurant, Florist or you're just looking for sustainable transport solutions for your staff Flex leasing could be a great option for your business! 

Top reasons

Why go electric? 

Maximise your profits

At just over 1p a mile, electric mopeds are much cheaper to run compared to petrol. Start maximising your profits! 

Lower Maintenance

With few moving parts, electric mopeds need far less maintenance! Plus when they do – we can handle it all for you with a regular service package

Anti-Theft Technology

All our E-Mopeds come fitted with a built-in GPS tracking and Anti-theft system which gives you peace of mind when delivering and reduces your insurance costs

Charge anywhere

All of our e-moped batteries charge from a wall socket, so they can be charged anywhere!

Easy to ride

Twist and go. No clutch, gears or sluggish starting.

Emission free

Do your bit to reduce your carbon footprint.

E-Moped Leasing

We recognize the significance of keeping your business running smoothly, which is why we offer a range of solutions to help you make the transition to electric. Whether you're launching a new venture, expanding your fleet, or aiming to replace your costly fuel-guzzling vehicles, we've got you covered. Our electric moped leasing options make the switch to electric an accessible option for your business.

Business electric moped leasing is a convenient and cost-effective option. With Flex Electric Leasing, you can finance your fleet through affordable fixed monthly payments. It's simple - you select the electric mopeds that meet your business requirements, and we'll agree on a fixed monthly payment plan. We'll also deliver the electric mopeds straight to your doorstep. Regardless of your business type - self-employed, partnership, limited company, or PLC - we have lease packages to suit your needs.

Business Lease Benefits: 

• Only 1 month Advance payment
• Tax relief on net lease payments
• Own the vehicle at the end of lease
• Reclaim the VAT 
• 0% or low benefit in kind tax at the end of the lease dependent on vehicle use
• Discounts on multiple units
• Up to 5 year terms
• Unlimited add-ons including spare batteries, maintenance, accessories and branding
• No mileage restrictions


We offer riding school fleet discounts.

Flex Electric offer riding schools bespoke fleet discounts based on their requirements.
What are the benefits of an Electric training fleet through Flex Electric?

Save money on fuel costs

Less Maintenance

Servicing Packages available

Bespoke Discounts for riding schools

Reduce your carbon footprint

Attract more customers

Why lease? 

For businesses looking to utilize Electric Mopeds and Electric Motorcycles, leasing provides a long-term solution that offers exclusive access to bikes for a set period at a fixed monthly price. With tax benefits and unlimited add-ons such as extra batteries, leasing is a practical and cost-effective option that can help businesses maintain a positive corporate image with new, up-to-date vehicles that do the job! From the initial consultation through funding, supply, and servicing, the leasing process is designed to be straightforward with minimal interruption to your business.

Fully Serviced:
One of the key advantages of leasing is that all servicing and serviceable parts can be covered under the lease agreement, giving businesses peace of mind knowing that on-site servicing staff are fully trained and regular maintenance occurs.

Fixed monthly Costs:
With fixed monthly costs, businesses can effectively budget for all servicing and parts, and when the last payment is made, the title is transferred, and the business has the option to trade in, sell, or continue using the vehicle.

Custom Branding:
Custom branding is also available, allowing businesses to add their branding or logos to bikes and delivery boxes, aligning with marketing activities. Leasing electric Mopeds and Motorbikes also offers a green delivery solution, which can be a positive PR opportunity for all brands.

Flexible Service:
Recognizing that every fleet is different, tailored solutions are offered, including special racks and boxes designed to meet ongoing needs. The leasing service is flexible, allowing businesses to change and adapt as their needs evolve.

E-Moped Leasing

Business benefits

Here are the ways in which we can help you as a business with Flex Electric

Business Tax Benefits
Save more as a business
1% Benefit in kind (BIK)
100% First year allowance
No car fuel benefit charge
Reduced national insurance contributions
Eligible for salary sacrifice schemes
What Flex can offer
Company branding on your bike
Bespoke Branding
Maintenance Contracts
Fleet discounts
Free Roadside Assistance
Rider training
Our customers

Customer success stories

Edinburgh Booze Delivery

Initially Edinburgh Booze delivery were using cars to deliver booze across Edinburgh. Tired of fuel costs and with an ambition to offer a more sustainable delivery service they applied for the INTEREST FREE Low Carbon business loan. This is a Scottish government funded loan and is in place to help businesses make the switch to electric.

With the help of the interest free loan they managed to change their fleet to electric! Kyle Jamieson (Owner) said…”We had no idea that Electric Mopeds even existed it was a complete revelation for us. It was always our plan to go electric and with the help of the interest free loan we managed to make the switch much quicker than expected. NIU mopeds are perfect for our business model and the amount of money we have saved on fuel costs is unbelievable” Edinburgh Booze Delivery was set up mid lockdown with an aim to reignite the hospitality sector offering a "no contact" delivery service, bringing the very best bars, breweries and distilleries to your doorstep.

Tribe Kitchen

Tribe kitchen is Scotland's newest and most exciting food delivery service.....The owners of Tribe Kitchen were looking for cost effective and sustainable delivery vehicles and NIU E-Mopeds were the perfect fit! A great example of how NIU E-Mopeds can transform the way you deliver your products! With the use of Electric mopeds they can reach customers across Edinburgh as quickly as possible. And with our E-Mopeds costing less than 1p per mile they can maximise their profits.

They are set to revolutionise the way Edinburgh enjoys takeaways. This is an incredible concept with a multi-restaurant ordering system which brings together the best of Edinburgh's independent dining so you can enjoy a variety of restaurant dishes delivered directly to your door on one bill!

Dears Pharmacy

Dears pharmacy is one of the largest pharmacy chains in Scotland and offer a prescription delivery service to all their customers, before they introduced NIU E-Mopeds to their delivery fleet they were relying on cars, however congestion, increasing fuel costs and the shortage of parking spaces in urban areas got them to re-think their delivery methods.

We worked with Dears Pharmacy to create their vehicle branding and was fitted by our signage partners. We also sourced double lockable and robust storage boxes for carrying their goods. This is a great example of how E-Mopeds can utilised in many industries!

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