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Are fuel costs eating into your profits?

Electric delivery mopeds will help you deliver more per hour and maximise your profits. We service food delivery riders from Deliveroo, Uber eats, Stuart and more.  

Electric Moped Leasing for Deliveroo, Just eat and Uber eats.....riders

Flex Leasing

We understand the importance of keeping your self-employed delivery business running smoothly, which is why we offer tailored solutions to help you transition to electric mopeds. Whether you're a solo rider or managing a small fleet, we've got you covered. Our electric moped leasing options make the switch to electric an accessible and cost-effective choice for self-employed delivery riders.

As a self-employed delivery rider, you'll benefit from the following advantages:

Low upfront payment: We require only 1 month's advance payment, making it easier for you to get started without a significant financial burden.

Tax relief on net lease payments: You can enjoy tax benefits by claiming relief on the net lease payments, reducing your overall tax liability.

Ownership at the end of the lease: At the end of the lease term, you have the option to own the vehicle, providing you with long-term value and flexibility.

Unlimited add-ons: You can customize your lease package with add-ons such as spare batteries, maintenance services, accessories, and branding options, ensuring your electric mopeds meet your specific requirements.

No mileage restrictions: Unlike traditional leases, we don't impose mileage restrictions, giving you the freedom to use your electric mopeds for deliveries without worrying about additional costs.

Top reasons

Why go electric? 

Maximise your profits

At just over 1p a mile, electric mopeds are much cheaper to run compared to petrol. Start maximising your profits! 

Lower Maintenance

With few moving parts, electric mopeds need far less maintenance! Plus when they do – we can handle it all for you with a regular service package

Anti-Theft Technology

All our E-Mopeds come fitted with a built-in GPS tracking and Anti-theft system which gives you peace of mind when delivering and reduces your insurance costs

Charge anywhere

All of our e-moped batteries charge from a wall socket, so they can be charged anywhere!

Easy to ride

Twist and go. No clutch, gears or sluggish starting.

Emission free

Do your bit to reduce your carbon footprint.

Optional Extras

Service Plans

Insulated Delivery Boxes



Phone Holders

Spare Batteries

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